WELDOX, like HARDOX, is a quality steel made by the Swedish firm SSAB Oxelösund, which has specialised in the production and supply of high-strength steels.
WELDOX is suitable for all machining options such as laser cutting, plasma cutting, bending, roll bending and welding.

The production of WELDOX

A great deal of attention is paid to material properties during the production process:

  • Material thickness tolerances
    Special machines roll the steel until it is extremely uniform. Continuous computer monitoring ensures that WELDOX sheets and plates only have the smallest possible tolerances with regard to material thickness. This means that unnecessary material does not have to be allowed for in estimates and the constructions are therefore far lighter. The quality of workpieces is also increased by constant material thicknesses.
  • Surface quality
    WELDOX sheets and plates are given a protective paint coat immediately following production. This prevents subsequent oxidation.
  • Material evenness
    After hot rolling, all sheets and plates are cooled uniformly with water. The uniform cooling means that the material remains very flat and hardly has to be straightened before further working. They even fall below standardised deviations to EN 10 029, which for example makes welding far simpler.

The steel used to produce WELDOX is very pure and only has low levels of residual elements. This purity is advantageous in all machining and working methods, in which high heat acts on the material. Thermal deformations are therefore far smaller than with comparable steel grades of other manufacturers.

WELDOX is high strength, is tough and yet is still easy to weld. These properties and the high dimensional accuracy make WELDOX very interesting for constructions.

Bending is also easier with WELDOX, as its high strength enables thinner and lighter sheets and plates to be worked, without any negative effect on the load-bearing capacity of the subsequent construction. Thinner materials also enable more elegant designs.

Thanks to its higher strength, the highly developed steel enables lighter constructions and reduces material use, which has a positive effect on price.