Toll manufacturing

Toll manufacturing or tolling is also called the “extended workbench”. This describes the contracting out of individual tasks or even complete processes for the production of goods to a third party, which is usually specialised, in order to provide the externally contracted services. This is also called outsourcing.
In the metal industry, orders for working, cutting, coating or jointing are typical types of work to be contracted out to toll manufacturing firms.

Reasons for outsourcing work to a toll manufacturing company are, for example, the lack of important machines to be able to produce a product. In some cases the reason is also a lack of technical knowledge and insufficient qualification of employees.


The toll manufacturing order can be used to balance out fluctuating demand capacities in the one’s own company. Expensive investments in machines, workrooms, equipment, personnel and extensive training and continued vocational development are not necessary, which usually results in cost savings. If work is contracted out the saving should be at least 20%.


Outsourcing work to a toll manufacturing firm (toller) can create dependencies. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that external companies are also given access to sensitive company data.

As the toll manufacturing firm is specialised in their area of work, cost structures are clearly defined. Cost sources become more transparent and the production of the products is more high-quality and efficient.

Rime GmbH as a toll manufacturing company

Rime takes on toll manufacturing work. This means that we produce components to customer drawings. The materials worked by us include mild steel (S235, S355), stainless steel (1.4301, 1.4404), wear plate (Hardox wear plate) and aluminium.

In our toll manufacturing we take on work such as working sheet metal by bending or rolling, cutting with shears or laser, punching, milling and welding small, medium or even large assemblies. We have modern machinery with which we can carry out these tasks for our customers.

Our CAD department takes care of finishing off or modifying customers’ drawings. We ensure that we maintain close contact with our customer and implement their special wishes and requirements. Missing information or dimensions are queried and incorporated. Our skilled personnel also translate the drawings into machine language for further production of the parts. We also pay close attention to data protection, to safeguard the products developed by our customers. On request we sign appropriate confidentiality agreements.

We have all the necessary qualifications required for material testing if materials have to be properly remarked as part of our toll manufacturing.

All-round service

We can also deliver to our customer or their delivery address (end customer/construction site). Before they are dispatched, all workpieces area properly packed and on request they are labelled and barcodes are attached. For distances up to 100km we transport the goods ourselves with our own truck. Deliveries over longer distances are made by reliable transport companies, with whom we have worked closely for many years. Before we place an order we always compare prices to avoid unnecessary additional costs for the customer.