Material types

At Rime different material types are worked. Sheets and plates made of Steel (black sheet/plate) are most frequently used. If sheets and plates are required, which have to withstand wind and weather, we offer rust-proof stainless steel sheets and plates, which do not form rust due to their high-quality alloying. For lighter-weight constructions we keep Aluminium sheet and plate in stock in various thicknesses.

Machines used to quarry and transport sand, gravel and stone wear quickly due to the high loads and stresses they are exposed to. These materials exert extreme attrition on the conveyor tools. These parts must be made from wear plates such as HARDOX wear plate, which are far harder and tougher than comparable sheets and plates made form other types of materials. In this way, wear can be delayed considerably.

We have a great deal of experience in working wear plates.

In this list you can see the most commonly processed material types:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • HARDOX wear plate