DomexDOMEX , just like HARDOX wear plate, is one of the high-strength steel grades of the Swedish firm SSAB. We have many years of experience of working with it and can work sheets and plates made of that steel grade in diverse ways. DOMEX is a very high quality and pure steel with very low quantities of manganese and carbon.

Product made of DOMEXBy adding titanium, vanadium and niobium, an extremely high strength is achieved and its properties exceed the comparable steel grades SEW 092.

Despite its high strength and toughness, these sheets and plates are very easy to work. Due to the high degree of material purity, sheets and plates made of this steel can be joined using all conventional welding methods. Chipless sheet and plate metal forming methods such as Bending and Roll bending are very easy to use.

DOMEX is primarily used in vehicle construction, as it is very resistant and stable even with low sheet thicknesses. This means that sheet constructions are lighter, which means fuel savings later. We used this material mainly to build housings and adapters.