Connectors between different industrial plants to bridge different cross-sectional shapes and different diameters. Adapters – ideal for silos and for filling gravel, sand, animal feed and other bulk goods.

They are connectors between two pipe systems and are used to connect differently dimensioned or shaped pipes and connect square pipes to round pipes.


In addition, the structural circumstances of the plant must also be integrated in the adapter. In many cases, such connectors required complicated bends, as the inflow does not take place on the same level as the outflow.


Adapters are frequently funnel-shaped and are used as hoppers to hold bulk goods and construction materials such as gravel and sand or in the animal feed industry to fill silos with feed ingredients. In order to ensure problem-free filling, the adapters have a wider cross-section at the top that then changes form and size downwards until it fits the pipe system.


complex adapteraluminium adapterThe design and construction of adapters is one of the most sophisticated areas of work in sheet metalworking. The walls of these connectors are made of many smaller metal sheets and plates, which all have different shapes.

In our welding department these individual parts are then welded together.