In vibratory finishing, a large volume of abrasive media is used to remove burrs and soiling from workpieces. This involves placing the abrasive media together with the workpiece in a drum, which is then set in motion by a vibratory motor. These vibrations set the abrasive media in motion, which then slide against the workpiece edges and surfaces.

There is a huge choice of abrasive media available: it comes in all shapes and sizes as well as degrees of roughness. The surface characteristics of these abrasives can be compared to sandpaper. Media is also available in several materials, including plastic or ceramics. While plastic abrasive media are slightly gentler on the workpiece, they do not last as well as ceramic media.

The right choice of media takes into account the workpiece size, material and weight. Processing time also plays a role here: the longer the workpieces stay in the drum, the more material is abraded. For this reason, abrasion progress needs to be checked regularly. Only in this way will optimum quality be achieved.

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