BRINAR is wear-resistant, water-quenched and tempered steel produced by the Salzgitter Group. The high strength and good possibility of further working this steel is achieved by heating the material... Read more


DILLIDUR is also a wear-resistant steel produced by the Dillinger steelworks. It is very hard and due to its low phosphorous and sulphur content it is also still tough at low temperatures. Due to its... Read more


With DILLIMAX, a fine-grained mild steel, the Dillinger steelworks GTS has a steel that can be used universally. Due to its alloying and especially the quenching in water with subsequent tempering,... Read more


DOMEX , just like HARDOX and WELDOX, is one of the high-strength steel grades of the Swedish firm SSAB. We have many years of experience of working with it and can work sheets and plates made of that... Read more


The general term wear can also be understood as consumption and is the continuing loss of material from the surface of a solid body. The progressive consumption is caused by grinding, rolling,... Read more