CREUSABRO is wear-resistant steel. This steel is very resistant and also withstands large load. CREUSABRO is use where severe attrition or other aggressive wear phenomena occur. This steel is mainly... Read more

Duplex Steel

Duplex steel can be welded with any standard type of welding. However, one exception is gas welding (oxy-acetylene welding). The workpieces to be welded should not have any signs of stresses or dirt... Read more


Hardox is a very wear-resistant sheet steel. Hardox is manufactured and exported worldwide by the Swedish company SSAB, which developed the first modern wear-resistant sheet in 1974. As this steel... Read more

Rustproof Steel

Whether Inox, Cromargan, Nirosta or VA steel – all these names stand for non-rusting or rust-proof steel (generally stainless steel in English). The properties of rust-proof steel are poor thermal... Read more

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the name given to steel grades which have a particularly low fraction of harmful elements such as phosphorous, sulphur, arsenic or tin. Pyrite or fool's gold is a prime example of... Read more


It is difficult to imagine our modern world without steel as a construction material. It is resistant, is very hard and is tough. Despite these properties, steel can be worked easily with many... Read more

V2A Steel

The expression V2A has only been in use for 100 years and was the abbreviation of “Versuchsschmelze 2 Austenit" (test smelt 2 austenite). This steel grade contained 18 % chromium and 8 % nickel and... Read more

V4A Steel

The name V4A is an old designation and stands for chrome-nickel steel with molybdenum additive. Searching for rust-resistant steel, the company Krupp developed, among other things, austenitic... Read more


XAR (eXtra Abrasion Resistant) steel has a high degree of hardness and is used where there are problems with wear and attrition, also called abrasion. This steel is made by ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe.... Read more