In vibratory finishing, a large volume of abrasive media is used to remove burrs and soiling from workpieces. This involves placing the abrasive media together with the workpiece in a drum, which is... Read more


Connectors between different industrial plants to bridge different cross-sectional shapes and different diameters. Adapters – ideal for silos and for filling gravel, sand, animal feed and other... Read more


There are many reasons for making chamfers on the edges of workpieces. The most important reason is to remove sharp material edges, which can be formed during several sheet and plate machining... Read more


People can have a bad day. On such days errors can creep in and the quality of the product is at risk. Another large source of errors is the monotony of series production. If a hand movement has to... Read more

Inert Gas

Most metals are characterised by their stability and strength and are therefore a perfect material for structures, which have to withstand extreme loads. These include, among other things, bridges... Read more

Laser Lenses

It is this focusing that allows the beam to reach the power output necessary for laser cutting metals and after it has been focussed it is around 2,500 times stronger than before focussing. For this... Read more


If we consider it from a closer angle, it can be seen that they consist of two shape elements. They have an elevated part, called the crest of the thread and a recess, called the thread. If these... Read more

Toll Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing or tolling is also called the "extended workbench". This describes the contracting out of individual tasks or even complete processes for the production of goods to a third party,... Read more