Laser cutter

2 Job opportunities!

We are currently looking for two employees who want to work in our production department as laser cutters. Workpieces, which are cut to size using lasers, are becoming increasingly popular. Laser parts can be produced in every conceivable shape, are extremely precise in their dimensional accuracy and do not require any rework after cutting.

Due to increasing demand, a year ago we purchased a new laser cutting machine, which can cut metal sheets and plates up to 16 metres long and four metres wide.
We would like to use our machines to their full capacity. For this reason we are looking for two more colleagues to assist our team in the laser department. Experience of operating laser cutting machines is an advantage, but is not a requirement for applications.

The tasks in the laser department are very varied and diverse. As we do not manufacture our own products, but instead produce workpieces as a Toll manufacturing company, each job is different and is therefore also a challenge.

Your area of work includes the following activities:

  • Tooling up the laser cutting machines and choosing and setting up suitable laser nozzles
  • Placing the required materials on the changeover table and removing the finished products
  • Checking quality and dimensional accuracy
  • Independent correction of CNC programs
  • Care, servicing and maintenance of the laser cutting machines

Last edit: June 9th 2016