CAD programmer

1 Job opportunity!

The general requirements are very important for us. You should also be familiar with handling CNC laser cutting machines and press brakes. Experience with these machines is an advantage, but not a requirement to apply for the vacancies. We currently have at least 2 positions to fill as CAD programmers.

The following activities belong to your area of work as a CAD programmer:

  • Preparing 2D CAD drawings in TruTops
  • Preparing 3 dimensional project designs using Solid Edge
  • Calculation and creation of adapters (transition components) using LogiTrace
  • Writing programs for our CNC machines

You will need the following technical knowledge for this job:

  • Knowledge of CAM programming
  • Knowledge of how to set up CNC machines
  • Knowledge of CNC machining.(The knowledge acquired must not necessarily come from sheet metalworking)
  • Knowledge of ISO programming and CNC control

You should have the following work experience:

  • Experience from which it is clear that you have the necessary technical knowledge of steel, sheet and plate and metalworking and experience in CAM programming.

Qualifications required:

  • Qualification / training in the IT sector / programming or qualification in mechanical engineering or mathematics
  • Training as a CAD / technical draughtsperson is desirable

Last edit: June 9th 2016