Toll Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing Toll manufacturing or tolling is also called the “extended workbench”. This describes the contracting out of individual tasks or even complete processes for the... Read more


Aluminium Aluminium is one of the metals that humans only recently started to use. Compared to iron and copper, which have been used for several millennia, it has only been known of for around 200... Read more

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal Sheet metal has been much sought-after for thousands of years. In production terms it is a semi-finished product, which is processed to produce a finished product by undergoing further... Read more

Metal Sheet Formats

Metal sheet formats The large variety of sheet and plate formats and properties are found today in steel. A metal sheet or plate is basically relatively thin but has a large area. It is because of... Read more


BRINAR BRINAR is wear-resistant, water-quenched and tempered steel produced by the Salzgitter Group. The high strength and good possibility of further working this steel is achieved by heating the... Read more


CNC – Computerized Numerical Control People can have a bad day. On such days errors can creep in and the quality of the product is at risk. Another large source of errors is the monotony of series... Read more


CREUSABRO CREUSABRO is wear-resistant steel. This steel is very resistant and also withstands large load. CREUSABRO is use where severe attrition or other aggressive wear phenomena occur. This steel... Read more


DILLIDUR Alongside DILLIMAX, DILLIDUR is also a wear-resistant steel produced by the Dillinger steelworks. It is very hard and due to its low phosphorous and sulphur content it is also still tough at... Read more


DILLIMAX With DILLIMAX, a fine-grained mild steel, the Dillinger steelworks GTS has a steel that can be used universally. Due to its alloying and especially the quenching in water with subsequent... Read more


DOMEX DOMEX , just like HARDOX and WELDOX, is one of the high-strength steel grades of the Swedish firm SSAB. We have many years of experience of working with it and can work sheets and plates made... Read more

Duplex Steel

Duplex steel Duplex steel has a two-phase microstructure, which consists of ferrite and austenite. The steel belongs to the group of rust and acid-resistant steels. This steel has two particularly... Read more

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel Stainless steel is the name given to steel grades which have a particularly low fraction of harmful elements such as phosphorous, sulphur, arsenic or tin. Pyrite or fool’s gold... Read more

Iron Carbon Diagram

Iron-carbon diagram Carbon plays a dominant role in the structure formation of iron. Iron (Fe) and carbon (C) form a cubic space lattice or 3D lattice. The corner points of this lattice contain iron... Read more

Steel Alloy Elements

Steel alloy elements Everything on this world and in the universe is made up of atoms. And the stars that we wonder at night are the origin for all elements that we know. We are stardust Novalis The... Read more


Chamfers There are many reasons for making chamfers on the edges of workpieces. The most important reason is to remove sharp material edges, which can be formed during several sheet and plate... Read more


Threads If we consider it from a closer angle, it can be seen that they consist of two shape elements. They have an elevated part, called the crest of the thread and a recess, called the thread. If... Read more


HARDOX Hardox is a very wear-resistant sheet steel. Hardox is manufactured and exported worldwide by the Swedish company SSAB, which developed the first modern wear-resistant sheet in 1974. As this... Read more

Inert Gas

Inert gas Most metals are characterised by their stability and strength and are therefore a perfect material for structures, which have to withstand extreme loads. These include, among other things,... Read more


Copper Copper is one of the metals that humans have been working for more than 10,000 years. It is one of the metals that occur in pure form (native) in nature. It was discovered very early, because... Read more

Material Types

Material types At Rime different material types are worked. Sheets and plates made of Steel (black sheet/plate) are most frequently used. If sheets and plates are required, which have to withstand... Read more


Brass Brass is the name used to describe a copper alloy, which has a certain zinc content. Copper is one of the metals that were first able to be worked by humans, as it melts at a temperature of... Read more

Standard Specifications

Standard specifications Relevant DIN standards for metal plates DIN 1016Hot-rolled strip / hot-rolled sheet DIN 1543Hot-rolled sheet or plate, from 3 to 150 mm thick DIN 59 382Flat steel products;... Read more


Steel It is difficult to imagine our modern world without steel as a construction material. It is resistant, is very hard and is tough. Despite these properties, steel can be worked easily with many... Read more

Steel Grades

Steel grades Today, several hundred different steel grades exist, which differ according to the many different compositions of their alloy elements. Depending on the planned place of use, steel... Read more


Adapters Connectors between different industrial plants to bridge different cross-sectional shapes and different diameters. Adapters – ideal for silos and for filling gravel, sand, animal feed and... Read more

V2A Steel

V2A – Rustproof steel and scale-resistant steel The expression V2A has only been in use for 100 years and was the abbreviation of “Versuchsschmelze 2 Austenit” (test smelt 2 austenite).... Read more

V4A Steel

V4A – corrosion resistant steel The name V4A is an old designation and stands for chrome-nickel steel with molybdenum additive. Searching for rust-resistant steel, the company Krupp developed,... Read more


WELDOX WELDOX, like HARDOX, is a quality steel made by the Swedish firm SSAB Oxelösund, which has specialised in the production and supply of high-strength steels. WELDOX is suitable for all... Read more

Material Numbers

Material numbers With the introduction of material numbers, a practical system was developed for uniquely defining different materials. A material number consists of 7 digits, which are in turn... Read more


XAR XAR (eXtra Abrasion Resistant) steel has a high degree of hardness and is used where there are problems with wear and attrition, also called abrasion. This steel is made by ThyssenKrupp Steel... Read more