CAD department

We have our own CAD department, which is equipped with modern computer technology and many and diverse programs. In this department, digital designs are worked up to your ideas and wishes. Our CAD employees are familiar with all the machines in the production department and choose the optimum machining method for your products.

CAD departmentOur metalworkers open these programs at their machine and it automatically sets itself to the size of the workpiece, e.g. by moving the back gauges/stops.

For bending, for example, the back gauge and stroke depth of the punch are adjusted to the job fully automatically. If our employees in the CAD department are satisfied with the design, it is passed on to the production planning and control department.

Our production planners use the designs to prepare a job and a computer program, which can then be processed by the CNC controlled machines.
As other departments such as Laser cutting, Milling, Bending, Roll bending and Punching are also computer-aided, we can assure you the best possible quality and speedy processing of your orders.

We use the following programs:

  • TruTops
    We use this program to produce 2 dimensional CAD drawings for sheet metal parts, which are to be machined on our CNC machines.
  • Solid Edge
    This software can be used to create 3 dimensional object designs. The workpiece can be assigned all the necessary specifications directly at the screen. The display is in the form of vectorised surfaces. This means it is possible to move the object freely on the screen and to view it from all sides, as if you had the sheet metal part in your hand. Thanks to the natural representation, errors can frequently be corrected, which otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed until the prototype was built.
  • Logi Trace
    This program was developed especially to plan and design adapters. As each individual sheet metal part of adapters has to be bent differently, use of this software is indispensable for us.