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2011: The 16 metre colossus

18.09.2011 Sächsische Zeitung

Riesa metalworking company is investing in rare technology to acquire advantages on the market.
What has happened in Rime’s factory building on the “Stahlwerk” industrial park in recent weeks and months is almost unbelievable. The company’s machinery has been extended with a rare colossus.

A new 16 metre long press brake with 2,500 tonne pressing force is to start work soon for the company, which belongs to the Dutch Tollenaar Group. The machine, said to be the most precise press brake of this size in the European Economic Area, is currently being set up. Large investments have been made for its purchase and to modify the existing building.

The so-called tandem machine, consisting of two eight metre long press brakes, will be used to produce components for wind turbines and locks as well as special machines. The brake is capable of machining material up to 30 mm thick along the whole length.

We have already received enquiries, assured Rime’s marketing manager Michael Nitzsche. The craneways in the factory building have been reinforced and investments made in additional cranes, especially for the installation and subsequent moving of the colossus.

In future, up to four employees will program and operate the giant computer-controlled machine. The Riesa company currently has around 52 employees.
The multi-million investment made by Rime is due to start production this year. The almost one year construction phase will then be finished.

Sheet metal – quickly in shape

20.05.2011 Das Amtsblatt “Riesaer”, Issue 20/2011

“Sheet metal quickly in shape”. This is the slogan used by Rime GmbH on its internet site: The company is a specialist in machining sheet metal. Bending, milling, punching, laser cutting and other sheet metalworking options are all included in its offering.

Since 2007, Rime has belonged to the Dutch Tollenaar Steel Group, whose boss, Frans Tollenaar, wants to expand the Riesa firm into one of the top companies in Germany. The building, in which business is booming once again following the economic crisis, is 136 metres long. As Rime does not offer its own products for sale, but instead machines metal sheets for its customers, the company is always dependent on others and their order situation.

High-precision work

Parts, machined to the correct shape by Rime using precision machinery, are used in mechanical engineering and plant construction, in environmental engineering and conveying and handling systems and many other industries. Preparations are currently underway for the installation of a new machine, which can machine parts that are 16 metres long and three centimetres thick. It is due to be put into service in December.

Since January 2010, the company has also had a modern CNC milling machine, with which metal sheets can be equipped with threads, drillholes and fits. It can also be used to prepare welds and the milling of chamfers as well as deburring cut edges.

New employees wanted

The company has around 40 employees. Some work in the company’s own planning and design department, in which the programs for the computer-controlled machines are developed. Thanks to the company’s good order situation the valuable machines are running in three shifts. This is why it is currently urgently seeking employees for its production and production planning departments.

Dependable electricity and natural gas

It’s logical, of course, that the high-precision, computer-controlled machines need a fault-free power supply and temperatures that are as constant as possible. “We get natural gas for our heat supply and electricity from the Riesa municipal works, which are a reliable partner for us. We have never had any problems. It is important to have clear agreements on which you can then depend. With the municipal works this is possible at any time”, assured the company’s authorised representative (“Prokurist”) Steffen Wätzig.

Machining centre: Countering a crisis mood with new ideas

29.04.2009. Wochenkurier / Riesa-Großenhain edition

Using the crisis as impetus for new tasks and objectives is the stated intension of the Riesa sheet metalworking company Rime. Rime’s balance sheets have been consistently successful since it started production in 1993. Rime built a factory and office complex on the site of the former steelworks and today provides jobs for 42 employees and five trainees.

The company’s success story continued after it changed owners in September 2007. Since then, Rime has belonged to the Dutch Tollenaar Group, which already has a company with a similar range of products and equipment in Zwolle (Holland), as well as a pipe factory in Pretoria (South Africa).

Changes to the organisation and tasks have occurred in Riesa. Quality has always been a basic prerequisite; nonetheless, the new advantage increasingly lies in speed. “By making improvements to our production sequence we have been able to respond to customers’ wishes more quickly, and ensure faster delivery times as well as faster production throughput times”, the general managers Jörg Zschiedrich and Steffen Wätzig explain. Annual turnover expresses the company’s success in figures. It has almost quadrupled from four million marks in 1994 to eight million Euros by 2007.

“Following our positive development, even we are feeling the effects of the worldwide economic crisis” Jörg Zschiedrich admits. Rime tries to compensate for lost orders by increased sales and marketing work. During these times the personnel is being sent on training, vocation and professional development courses.

The company’s concept also includes the priority of keeping jobs and investments in the Riesa location. Promoting new skilled workers with continuous vocational training is also part of Rime’s corporate philosophy. The concept for success also includes implementing employees’ suggestions under the motto “Learn faster than the competition”.

Today the company’s range of services includes the production of component parts, small to medium-sized assemblies and modules, as well as semi-finished products made to customers’ wishes. Rime’s production profile extends from CNC bending up to eight metres long and eight millimetres thick, to laser cutting lengths up to six metres and 25 millimetres thick, punching, roll bending, press-fitting nuts and bolts into thin metal sheets, drilling, weld preparation, thread cutting, barrel finishing through to welding. These techniques are used to produce prototypes as well as large series. “We continue to trust the economic power of Saxony, and focus on the Thuringian and Saxony-Anhalt regions. Nonetheless we continue to be active throughout Germany”, the operations managers point out.

Rime to be sold!

05.09.2007. Wochenkurier Riesa/ Großenhain edition

The sale of Rime is now perfect.
After signing the deed of sale, Managing Director Franz Tollenaar (31) introduced himself to the workforce of the Riesa sheet metalworking company Rime officially, but in the relaxed atmosphere of a welcome party. He takes over the company keys from the previous owner Rolf Rinklin.

Rime now belongs to the multinational Tollenaar Group, which already has a company with a similar range of products and equipment in Zwolle, Holland as well as a pipe factory in South Africa and has been looking for contacts in Germany for a while. The Group has around 250 employees and produces an annual turnover of 50 million Euros. The former Managing Director Rolf Rinklin will miss his close and good contact with Saxony but he knows that the successful company continues to be in good hands.

The Baden-Württemberger gave purely private reasons for the sale. He wants to dedicate his time in future to his hobbies: horse breeding and wine growing. The decision of the Dutch to buy Rime was anything but a spontaneous whimsy. “We looked long and hard for the right partner, who fits our profile perfectly”, explained Franz Tollenaar. With the former Rinklin company they have found the needle in the haystack. The purchase of the Riesa company with its workforce of 41 employees is definitely a complement to the previous management. The Dutch plan to acquire a further ten companies or so by 2020.

New Rime owners introduce themselves

03.09.2007, Sächsische Zeitung, Riesa edition

The change in owners at Rime GmbH is perfect. On Friday, Rolf Rinklin introduced Frans Tollenaar to the workforce as the new managing director and co-owner of the company in Riesa. On the day before the sale of the company, which Rinklin had moved to the former steelworks site in 1994, to the Dutch firm Tosec had been documented by the notary.

The new managing director is one of seven children of a Dutch entrepreneurial family. After studying law, the 31 year old joined the management team of sheet metalworking company belonging to his father, Frans Tollenaar, with 100 employees in Zwolle, Holland. His brother Roland is the managing director of a pipe factory in the South African city of Pretoria with 150 employees. The takeover in Riesa – the Group’s first commitment in Germany – is intended to contribute to its growth. Together, Tosec and Rime could become active in the North Rhine-Westphalia market.

Rime has a good reputation in the industry”, the new managing director explained. The name of the company, which stands for Rinklin metalworking, should be kept in Riesa. Equally, that the owner will only visit Riesa now and again. Jörg Zschiedrich and Steffen Wätzig will continue to run the business in Riesa as the operational managers. He wanted to “find a worthy successor” for his company in Riesa early, is how Rolf Rinklin explained his reasons for parting company with his Rime GmbH in Riesa. The 55 year old entrepreneur from Baden-Württemberg wants to dedicate his time to horse breeding and his vineyard in his home state. On Friday evening the old and new owners met the employees together for a pleasant, relaxed get together.

Truck-mounted crane brings heavyweight high-performance technology

26.04.2006, Sächsische Zeitung, Riesa edition

Nothing would have been possible without the active support of a truck-mounted crane: Because the individual elements of the new laser cutting unit for Rime Blechverarbeitung GmbH weigh a good 25 tonnes.

Following their journey from Ditzingen near Stuttgart, they arrived in Gröba’s Heinrich-Schönberg- Straße yesterday morning and were met by the factory manager in person. “We have invested around 800,000 Euros in this”, said Jörg Zschiedrich, “and can now tackle larger thickness ranges.” The “latest generation” laser cutting unit is capable of cutting through normal steels up to 25 millimetres thick and special steels up to 20 millimetres thick. “Our aim is of course to stay one step ahead of the competition”, explained Zschiedrich.

Which is why Rime switched from a two shift to a three shift system several months ago. With the third cutting machine, Zschiedrich now hopes that the 37 employees will soon be able to fulfil more orders. “But sooner or later we will create two new jobs”, says the factory manager, looking into the future of the Riesa sheet metalworking company, whose products are used, among other things, in structural steelwork and in mechanical engineering.

Since October 1993, the company has been established in Riesa Gröba on the former Martinwerk site. The seven employees of that time have now become 37, and the production facilities have also been extended several times due to full order books. The heart of Rime’s work involves punching, bending and tailoring meter long sheet metal profiles to the different requirements of the customers. “In the region we deliver to almost everyone who works with metal”, said Jörg Zschiedrich proudly.

Sheet and plate metal parts: Made in Riesa

02.04.1997 Riesaer Tageblatt

The reason for the annex, says Managing Shareholder Rolf Rinklin, lies in the company’s positive development. It has developed into a leading manufacturer for sheet metalworking. Bent parts and laser parts “Made in Riesa” are used in all kinds of different industry, from vehicle construction to wagon and carriage manufacturing through to the residential sector. Rime currently has 15 employees.

Following the extension the number can be expected to rise to around 20 employees. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but “after all, every job counts”, the head of the local unemployment office, Dr. Bärbel Gericke, emphasised. If the positive trend continues, in around two years time we could be thinking about a two-shift operation, said Managing Director Rinklin, daring to take a look into the future.

Successful on the market with state-of-the-art laser technology

21.03.1997, Sächsische Zeitung, Riesa edition

In October 1993, a small company started production on the former Martinwerk site in Lauchhammerstraße. Motivated by the activities of his father-in-law, the young entrepreneur Rolf Rinklin decided to set up a second company in Riesa, in addition to the one in the Baden town of Herbolzheim. Advantages for the future workforce, they could receive thorough on-the-job training in Baden.

Seven people then started production of bent sections and profiles for roofs, walls and façades using CNC guillotine shears and CNC press brakes. Laser cutting units and punching and nibbling machines were added, so that today products made by Rime are also found in mechanical engineering, in vehicle construction, in conveying and handling systems and in the construction industry, primarily in Saxony, but also in other German states.

Rising turnovers and a workforce that now numbers 17 confirm the small company’s upward trend. “I didn’t regret moving to Riesa. The company has developed well, the employees are very committed in all that they do”, is how the company’s boss Rinklin summed up the situation. The occasion of this retrospection was the cutting of the first sod for the construction of a new production building. The reason for the new building, emphasised Mr Rinklin, is the company’s positive development.

With the construction of the new building, optimum prerequisites will be created for further expansion of the company. The four million marks includes the cost of a modern laser cutting unit, with which steel plate up to 20 millimetres thick can be machined. It is to be used to broaden the product range, acquire new customers and improve quality still further. The investor particularly emphasised the cooperative attitude of the building control officers in the local administration, who issued the necessary permits very unbureaucratically and quickly.

The contract for the turnkey construction project has been awarded to Freyler Industriebau GmbH Riesa, a neighbour of Rime. While Bau-Union Riesa is building the foundation, another neighbour, Schneider-Wicklein, is responsible for the roof and façade.

Rainer Ohlrogge, Managing Director of Freyler GmbH, described this cooperation between local firms as being important to secure jobs in the region. Production in the new building is due to start at the beginning of June; the building will be used to produce individual items through to large series, depending on market needs Two long-standing employees will then operate the technology. Two people currently working a trial period in the company are due to take their place.

The new factory building

20.03.1997, Sächsische Zeitung, Riesa edition

With a symbolic excavator lift, the cornerstone was laid for a new production building for Rime on the former Riesa steelworks site. Production of bent sections and other products using state-of-the-art laser technology is due to start in 2000 square metre building in June. The company’s good order situation was decisive for this investment of four million marks.

Rime establishes itself

05.05.1994, Sächsische Zeitung, Riesa edition

Rime GmbH Herbolzheim (Black Forest) has made a name for itself over the years as a subcontractor for renowned companies in the electrical engineering, vehicle structural steelwork and apparatus construction and mechanical engineering in the former West German states.

The two Riesa-born operations managers, Dipl.-Ingenieur Steffen Wätzig and Ingenieur Jörg Zschiedrich, are convinced that they can achieve successes in the new sphere of activity in the East. They have both spent half a year in the Herbolzheim company, with its workforce of 30 employees, to prepare for their tasks. Rinklin-Metall GmbH, Rolf Rinklin is the owner of the company, then also gave the senior employees from Riesa the task of choosing the future employees, who were also trained in Herbolzheim. CNC-experienced skilled workers naturally have a certain advantage. Because CNC-controlled press brakes and punches and nibblers required good qualifications.

By the way, within the foreseeable future, a laser cutting unit, which can cut through materials up to 20 millimetres thick, will extend the production range. Still without the finished company premises in Riesa to back them up, the two managers who had previously worked in the steelworks, went looking for customers from April 1993. And it was thanks to this presentation that when trial operation began in October last year, the company already had a good order volume. For this reason, people are also optimistic that in the near future, up to 20 employees will be able to give Rime GmbH as their company address.