The history of our firm

1992: Riesa steelworks – the end of an era

Large parts of the old steelworks will be demolished

Many people in Riesa will still remember this view. Even though the steelworks chimneys are long since gone – the view is still very familiar to many people. There has been a steelworks in Riesa since 1843.
The makeshift economy of the GDR era had caused the building fabric of the steelworks to become so poor that for several buildings there was no other option than to demolish them. New firms moved into the place in which the “Martinswerk 1” had once stood and built new factory buildings. Rime will also be moving onto the former steelworks site.

1993: Breaking ground

A new firm is established

On 15 April 1993, work began on the construction of a factory building with office building.
At this time the steelworks building in Lauchhammerstraße had already been completely demolished.
The abandoned plot did not remain unused for long. Only a few weeks after the demolition excavators were back on the site.

1993: Construction work begins

Sheet metalworking in Riesa

In June 1993, the construction work progressed quickly. Within a few weeks the foundations had been built and the steel structure of the factory building was finished. The factory building was 80 metres long and 40 metres wide. This is a lot of space for modern CNC machine tools, which were to be installed in the building 3 months later. There was still a lot to do before then.
On 22 June 1993, work began on the building’s roof.

1994: Modern sheet metalworking machines

Delivery of the first machines

The construction work progressed rapidly and without any major problems. Within a few months, the complete factory building had been built. In March 1994, the first CNC machines were delivered and set up. There were only 8 weeks left until the official opening!

Rime GmbH is officially opened
One year after the first sod had been dug, on 6 May 1994, the completion of the factory building and the office building was celebrated. Many Riesa residents used the opportunity to take a look around the production building. On Monday, 9 May, the first workpieces were made.

1997: The factory hall is extended

Due for completion in the summer!

During these times it is more an exception than the rule for a company to expand its production due to its good order situation. The first sod for a new building was recently turned on the Rime site in Heinrich-Schönberg-Straße.
In the presence of Landrat Rainer Kutschke and Riesa’s main mayor, Bürgermeister Wolfram Köhler, the head of the company Rolf Rinklin spoke of its very good order situation, which necessitated the annex building. The 2,000 square metre building was erected by Freyler Industriebau Riesa. Its managing director Rainer Ohlrogge said: “We look forward to showing off our skills on this project too.” It is due for completion by the end of May. Production will then begin this summer with a modern laser cutting unit for sheet metalworking.

2012: Construction of a new, larger nitrogen tank

our new gas tank In May our new laser unit was started up. It has a machining area of 16 x 4 m and more than doubles our capacity to date. This means that from now on a total of three laser cutting machines have to be supplied with shielding gases.

This is why we have replaced our nitrogen with a larger one, which can hold more than twice the quantity of gas.
At Rime we use helium, argon and nitrogen as shielding gases. The new tank is for nitrogen, because it is what we need most.