Welded assemblies

Welded assemblies always consist of at least two non-demountable components. The components joined together in a welded assembly are produced separately according to predefined production processes.

Parts lists (also called bills of material) are created in order to disclose the individual parts in orders or documentation. These contain each individual part, including weld studs, weld nuts and other small details, necessary for the production of a welded assembly. These parts lists are necessary in order to order material or bought-in parts and therefore to implement proper production planning and control. At the end, in the case of a welded assembly, a self-contained object or component is created.

Production at Rime

We produce welded assemblies, for example, made of steel, stainless steel or even aluminium. Procedures such as MAG, MIG, WIG or spot welding are used in their production. Our welded assemblies can have a total weight of up to 50 tons. Through our certification to EN 1090-2, execution class 2, we fulfil all requirements for welding structural components up to 20 mm thick.

With our trained personnel and modern welding equipment, we are able to produce not only small but also very large welded assemblies. We cover all kinds of different areas. For example, we produce welded assemblies for all sorts of different machines, conveyors/materials handling systems, vehicle construction and other branches of industry.