Stone crushers

Stone crushers are used in gravel works, lime works, in mining, quarries or even recycling plants. They are used to machine and crush mineral raw materials such as stones or crushed rock. Stone crushers are also used to prepare coal, salt and ore.

Differentiation into different types of crushers:

  • Pressure crushing
    The rock is broken by pressure and is applied by jaw crushers, ball crushers or even roll crushers. The stone is crushed by means of high pressure and low speed.
  • Impact crushing
    The material is crushed by impact and this method is used in impact crushers. High energy acts on the material. The rock is hit against the work surface and breaks.
  • Impact reduction
    The mineral material is crushed by hitting it and this method is used in hammer crushers. The hammers are accelerated to high speeds and are hit against the rock so that it breaks.

Rime is able, for example, to make the welded steel housing construction for stone crushers , the crusher mouth with lateral wear plates, the feed hopper or even the crusher jaws.