Small part machining

Apart from producing large volume components such as 16 m long laser and bent parts or large welded assemblies, we also make medium-sized to small workpieces. These are machined, for example, on our laser cutting machines, the 3.5m press brake, the machining centre of in the barrel finishing unit.

Workpiece minimum dimensions must of course be kept. But we cannot quantify these precisely, as different factors such as sheet thickness or the material to be worked are decisive. Simply send us a specific enquiry and we can tell you whether we have the necessary production options.

Small Part Machining at Rime

Laser parts

flowerWith our laser cutting machines we are also able to cut small to medium-sized workpieces to size. Required recesses and cut-outs can be lasered out of the workpiece. This means that subsequent machining operations, such as drilling holes, punching out cut-outs or making recesses, are no longer necessary.

If holes are required in a component, which are smaller than the material thickness, they cannot be made using the laser cutting machine. Such hole diameters therefore have to be drilled.

Bent parts
After the workpieces have been cut using a laser or shears, they can be further worked. One subsequent operation, for example, is bending. Our customers often need small bent parts such as angles, angle brackets, channel sections, or other products with all kinds of different bent radii. These components are then machined at our smaller press brake.

Milled parts
With the large Koike laser cutting machine we are able to cut chamfers, however, this is inefficient for small and medium-sized components with small production numbers. Therefore, these parts are chamfered and prepared for welding in our machining centre. Threads, bearing seats and fits in a product can also be made using the milling machine.

Parts to be ground

Sharp edges and burrs can be produced during all the preceding work operations. These can cause injuries. They also have a negative effect on the accuracy of fit of the component to be produced. With our barrel finishing machine we are able to machine workpieces up to 220 mm, in order to remove these spurious obstructions. Many customers place a great deal of value in smooth and ground parts, especially for small parts. This can also be achieved using our barrel finishers. These are also suitable for degreasing and descaling.