In principle, louvres are narrow, elongated, channel-shaped recesses, which are open on one side. We have our own punching tools in different sizes to produce them.

The production process

punchdieThese tools always consist of a punch and a die. The tools are curved on one side and their shape corresponds to the subsequent louvre. At the highest point of the curve there is a sharp edge, which cuts through the metal sheet during the stamping process.

The tool shape then bends up the material up to this cut and forms the louvre. If they are required which are longer than the dies they must be made by means of nibbling. In this case the tool is reset until the required length is reached.

What is their function?

Louvressheet metal with louvresLouvres are one of the shaped elements that can be made with a punching machine. Louvres can have several functions. However, they are mostly used as ventilation slots for air and heat exchange in housings or enclosures.