Large part machining at Rime

With the introduction of large part machining, Rime once again set a milestone in its company history. Whereas before we were only able to machine metal sheets or plates up to a maximum length of 8 metres, we are now able to machine large parts, i.e. large-format metal sheets and plates and over-sized format sheets and plates. To this end, several comprehensive investments were made in 2011 and 2012.

Press brake for machining large parts

A first important step for large part machining was the startup of our new large press brake at Rime in December 2011. With this machine made by EHT we are able to bend large format metal sheets or plates of up to 16 metres in length and 30 mm thick in tandem mode. When deciding to buy such a large machine we placed particularly high importance in the corresponding tools. These increase the bending accuracy of the press brake significantly.

We know that there are far larger machines for bending longer sheets and therefore for large part machining. But our 16 metre press brake is the most precise machine in the whole of Europe.

XXL bench press

Laser cutting machine for large format metal sheets and plates

Until now we could only cut metal sheets and plates up to a maximum length of 6 metres with our laser cutting machines. In May 2012 we started up our new laser cutting machine, so that we can machine large format metal sheets and plates with laser cutting too and therefore took a further step towards large part machining.

With this Koike system we are now able to cut large format metal sheets and plates up to 16 metres long and 4 metres wide. Another positive aspect is the ability to cut the material and make chamfers in the same work operation. The machine has a chamfering head. This can be used to cut chamfers up to 45 degrees.

As we are now able to cut the large parts to be bent or welded in-house, our economic efficiency for working large format metal sheets and plates is increased significantly. Additional transport to distant external firms, necessary for large part machining to date, is now no longer required, which also means that far shorter delivery periods are possible.

In addition, we must of course also create new possibilities and above all space, for short-term storage of these large format metal sheets and plates. This was ensured by restructuring our production building.

The machining of large parts has therefore developed into an important core business of our company. Whether large trays for washing systems, hoppers for silos, heavy duty tipper truck bodies, sliding signs, dump truck bodies, air lock gates or even railway wagons, with our experienced employees and extensive machinery we face up to every challenge involving the machining and working of large format metal sheets and plates.

Large part machining is needed in all kinds of different branches of industry. One part is the energy sector. A special energy segment is the wind industry. For example, we produce the brackets of the access ladders on wind turbines. Another important industry is mechanical engineering. Large-format metal sheets and plates are also needed in construction. Here, for example, we produce metal cladding for façades made to customer specifications. XL-format metal sheets and plates are also machined in bridge construction and the offshore industry.

If you are interested in further information about our large part machining possibilities or working of large format metal sheets and plates, you simply have to contact us.