Cones and adapters

Cones are adapters or transitions between two tubular hollow bodies. They are shaped like a truncated cone and the diameters of the two ends differ in size. They are used, for example to connect two pipes with different radii.

Cones and adapters have also become firmly established in industry. The material to be used, the size and shape are always dependent on the subsequent use.

We produce cones and adapters made of stainless steel (e.g. 1.4301), made of aluminium, mild steel such as S235 or S355, made of deep drawn steel DD11 or even from wear-resistant steel (e.g. Hardox).

They can be produced using different methods. One option is to roll the material in order to achieve the required shape. Another option is to produce them by bending with subsequent bendings to achieve the appropriate degree of rounding. The end edges of the cones are then joined together by welding or tacking. Angular adapters can also be produced.

We have already produced the following products for our customers

  • Square adapters with round outlet 2,100 mm long, 2,100 mm wide, to round Ø 330 mm and 3.370 mm high made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Round cones Ø 1.490 mm to Ø 491 mm and 865 mm high made of Creusabro
  • Square adapters 698 mm wide, 698 mm long, to 598 mm wide and 598 mm long and 180 mm high made of DC01
  • We are also active in the production of wearing parts. For example, we produce cones and adapters as hoppers for cement works, filling systems or gravel works.

One type of cones and adapters are funnels or hoppers used to fill containers with narrow openings. Liquids such as water or fine-grained materials such as sand, gravel or granulate are added to the wide inlet of the funnel or hopper and then flow via the thinner outlet (neck) into the vessel. We can also produce wear plates for hoppers.