Circular blanks

There are all sorts of different possible uses for circular blanks made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Whether as an end piece on a pipe, as a washer in bolted joints or as spacers between two components. Circular blanks are used in all kinds of different applications.

For our customers we produce them in all possible dimensions and thicknesses and from all standard metal sheet and plate grades. For example, we have already produced circular blanks with material thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 30 mm to customer specifications.

We have already produced circular blanks made of thin sheet such as DC01 and DD11, made of unalloyed mild steel such as S235JR + AR and S355J2 + N, made of zinc-plated sheet DX51D + Z275NA, made of aluminium, made of wear-resistant steel Hardox 450, made of stainless steel such as 1.4571 and 1.4301 or even made of pressure vessel steel P265GH or high-strength metal plate S700MC.

Production methods

We use punching to make them up to 70 mm in diameter. This method enables us to produce large numbers in a short time. In this way we can also produce larger series for you. Circular blanks with diameters larger than 70 mm can be easily produced using our laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting is more time consuming but it also means that other work steps such as drilling or punching are not necessary if the blanks are to be produced with holes or cutouts.