Bent profiles, bent sections and other bent parts

An important part of our production, among other things, is the production of bent sections and other bent parts. These are used in all kinds of different areas, depending on their shape and material. We already produce Bent profiles for roof systems, for example, gravel stop strips or metal cladding for façades, gutters and channels for wastewater systems and jointing plates for window builders. We also produce diverse bent parts for machine manufacturers, for parts of the construction industry, the vehicle industry or, for example, as wearing parts for gravel works.

Bent profiles and sections come in all kinds of different types and shapes, depending on the area of use and use. The most common examples are Z profiles, L profiles, C profiles and U profiles as well as Z sections, L sections, C sections, top hat sections and channel sections. These are made of metal sheets and plates of diverse mild steel grades, wear-resistant steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wide strip.

bent profiles bent profiles in different shapes

Bent parts are required in all branches of industry. We produce, among other things, medium-sized components such as angle brackets, covers and drip trays for machines, load-bearing elements for utility vehicles and also hoppers for gravel works.

With our modern machinery we are able to bend metal sheets and plates up to 30 mm thick. We achieve a length to be bent of up to 16,000 mm. With our bent sections and profiles and bent parts, we therefore work with large parts over 8 metres.