The Tollenaar Group

Rime GmbH is part of the Tollenaar Group, which is based in Zwolle in the Netherlands. Our sister company Tosec B.V is also based there.

The history of the company

Tosec is a family-run business with a tradition that now reaches back 116 years. In 1895, a forge was opened in the hamlet of Frankhuis. A hamlet, called a “Buurtschap” in Dutch, is a widespread form of settlement in the Netherlands, whose roots extend back to the Middle Ages. Hamlets are frequently located near towns and cities, but are not independent municipalities, although they have houses, farmyards, mills and various craftsmen. The “Frankhuis hamlet” is today a district of the hanseatic town Zwolle.

Until the mid-1980s, steel was forged there. But there was no longer enough space and the firm moved to Zwolle. At this time the company was run by the Hullen brothers, who reorganised and reorientated the company and invested in machines for bending, punching and cutting metal sheets. Over the years, other capacities and services were added, such as the production of welded assemblies, mechanical engineering and field / on-site installation.
Since 2000, the company has been called Tosec and is owned by the Tollenaar family. The machining capabilities and capacities have been further developed since then and Tosec became one of the most diverse sheet metalworking companies in the Netherlands.

Tosec today

Our sister company has many and diverse possibilities. Tosec is highly productive, especially when it comes to machining large and heavy parts.

Tosec offers sheet metalworking, among other things, up to the following maximum sizes:

Laser cutting

15 x 2,000 x 20,000 mm
Plasma arc cutting

80 x 3,000 x 16,000 mm
Gas cutting

150 x 4,000 x 8,000 mm
Sheet metal bending

10 x 7,200 mm
Circular bending

10 x 2,000 mm

7,000 x 1,200 x 1,300 mm

Rime and Tosec work together very closely. At Tosec sheets up to 20 metres long can be cut using lasers. Rime can bend lengths up to 16 metres. Tosec and Rime therefore complement each other and make the Tollenaar Group so successful in sheet metalworking.

Our future

We plan to do a lot in the next few years. In both companies we will continue to invest in machinery, so that we can continue to offer you top quality, state-of-the-art sheet metalworking in the future too.
We are also very much interested in setting up and buying further plants.

Visit the websites of our sister firms!

Firmenlogo TOSEC

Tosec B.V.

  • Lacation: Zwolle / The Netherlands
  • Employees: ca. 100
  • Website: Tosec BV

Contract manufacturer for sheet metal

Firmenlogo TME


  • Location: Zwolle / The Netherlands
  • Employees: ca. 15
  • Website: TME BV

Machine building for the offshore industry, asphalt and concrete fabrication as well as bulk materials

Firmenlogo Tubecon

Tubecon PTY

  • Location: Pretoria / South Africa
  • Employees: ca. 80
  • Website: Tubecon PTY

Producer of pipes and profiles