Candidates for a Takeover

The Tollenaar Group of firms is always on the lookout for companies suitable for integration or takeover to further expand its product and services range.

At this time the Group consists of four companies: Tosec and TME in the Netherlands, Rime in Germany and Tubecon in South Africa. The Tollenaar Group is currently offering the following products and services:

  • Sheet metalworking and manufacturing of welded components
  • Mechanical engineering and engineering services
  • Manufacture of welded pipes and profiles

Because of the close cooperation of the companies within the Group, we are able to offer a number of benefits to our customers. It is our intention to continue to expand our great variety of opportunities in the years to come. We will achieve this by purchasing new machinery and by expanding our production facilities.

But we are also interested in purchasing other companies, if that company meets the following criteria:

  • the company’s product range has to compliment the products and services offered by the Tollenaar Group
  • the company manages to produce sound economic results
  • good employees
  • low dependence on the current owners
  • strong and broad customer base

Please contact us if you are considering selling your company. Your enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential.